Our projects have us working in the following arenas:

  • Philanthropy, Racial Equity, and Social Justice – A substantial grant allowed us to benchmark “pathways to progress” in enabling greater productivity in closing gaps in racial equity, especially through philanthropic and social investment.
  • Community Foundations, Neighborhoods, and Community Development – Many projects over many years have focused on the special role that community foundations play throughout the US and increasingly around the world. Several articles about them, and about the local action they try to influence, especially in neighborhoods.
  • Nonprofit Management, Evaluation and Organizational Development. We’ve worked the nonprofit scene for decades, and have learned a good deal about making evaluation useful to making nonprofit organizations stronger – as well as the networks, systems, and society at large that they serve.
  • Youth Leadership, Education, and School Reform. We’ve planned and facilitated leadership training for high school and college students, in the US and in Asia. We’ve also designed and managed statewide planning efforts in linking school and work, and in providing career and college planning for high school students.

See the Products page for a thorough listing of Products stemming from our work.

Also, see our blog, – Blogging from the confluence of Philanthropy, Justice, and Evaluation.

Before 1998 Steven Mayer served as founding Executive Director of Rainbow Research, Inc., where he led many evaluation projects. For a list and bibliography of these will be posted here shortly.

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