Effective Communities Project (ECP) has worked with nonprofit organizations, community activists, and grant making foundations throughout the United States and many parts of the Western world to achieve greater progress against their missions.

Currently the Project is on a teaching mission, drawing on its considerable experience not only since the beginning of ECP (1998) but since the beginning of Rainbow Research, Inc. (1974), when Dr. Mayer was its founding Executive Director.  This website is one of the products of this mission.  See also About this website.

Sifting through the many products of ECP and Rainbow Research during Steven Mayer’s tenure, we can name and list these facets of our work.  Many of these “facets” show up as Tags used on this site to access the Archives.

Steven Mayer has…

…worked with the gamut of civic, public, and philanthropic organizations – foundations, nonprofit organizations, grassroots groups, associations, networks, and systems.

… worked to improve neighborhood and community development, the practice of philanthropy, youth leadership and school reform, social and racial justice, arts and culture, advocacy, and nonprofit organizational effectiveness.

…advanced many practices of evaluation in support of organizational and mission effectiveness, pioneering the lessons learned, promising practices, appreciative inquiry, and developmental approach to evaluation.

…advised on strategies for gathering evidence to communicate progress, on communicating organizational results and value, and on creative leadership roles inside and outside the organization.

…evaluated the effectiveness of grantmaking programs, the progress and merits of organization’s work, and the organization’s capacity to the goals implied in the organization’s mission statement.

…produced web sites, written reports, magazines, metrics, self-assessment tools, curricula, frameworks, protocols, conferences, and op-ed pieces.

…facilitated strategic planning processes with multi-organizational and internal teams, the development of operational action plans, and staff retreats and trainings.

…supported other organizations through resource development and grant writing, with project and program design, through advice on program or project implementation.

…among other things.