Grantmakers, Activists, Evaluators, Nonprofits

Welcome back, everyone, to a wholly different kind of Effective Communities Project, at a wholly different

This time around we’re not marketing or selling our services.  We’re beyond the billable hour.  And we’re really not looking for work.

We’re thinking we learned a lot of good stuff the first time around, in the field – the field operating at the confluence of social justice, evaluation, and evaluation – and the time is right to reframe it, show it its current applications, and teach some on the art and craft of evaluation as we’ve found it to be useful.

This website intends to do just that.  For grantmakers, activists, evaluators, and nonprofits – and not consistently in that order.

Now please keep in mind this is an emerging, growing website.  At first it’s primarily an Archive, but with an increasing supply of “lenses” for different users, a revival of the Just Philanthropy blog, then evaluation lessons, and then a dashboard for better navigating towards mission success.  But it’s an evolutionary process for me.

We hope you take a look.  Here’s the Home page.