After the Flood: Some “Out of the Box” Options for Foundations

Disaster philanthropy

As we said after Katrina, foundations have many useful assets – purchasing power, influence and leadership, knowledge of communities, and development know-how – all of which can be used creatively to aid a more equitable reconstruction of Gulf Coast communities wrecked by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


This article presents many lessons:

For Grantmakers: Foundations have the capacity to influence agendas and the flow of money, even though their own resources are a pittance compared to the public dollars being made available. This article proposes three useful avenues.

For Nonprofits: Nonprofits now have the perfect opportunity to partner differently with foundations and other sources of redevelopment dollars – especially if they’re interested in re-forming the nonprofit marketplace.

For Activists: Activists, working through a variety of community organizations, have to insist their constituents get a righteous piece of the redevelopment opportunities. This article highlights what these opportunities could be.

For Evaluators: Evaluators can help develop “before and after pictures” of life in their regions, using a variety of data, stories, pictures, indicators, etc.


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Originally appeared: Website of the Effective Communities Project

Number of pages: 3

Original date: October 2, 2005

Author: Steven E. Mayer, Ph.D.

Effective Communities Project
Minneapolis, MN