Grantmakers, Activists, Evaluators, Nonprofits

The four principle audiences of this website

Welcome back, everyone, to a wholly different kind of Effective Communities Project, at a wholly different

We still consider Grantmakers, Nonprofits, Activists, Evaluators as our primary stakeholders and audiences. But we’re not marketing or selling our services.  We’re beyond the billable hour.  And we’re really not looking for work.

This time around, we intend to be teachers.  We consider this website not just our archives but also our atelier – our  studio, work bench, and display room.  We’re going to the well and recasting, reframing, and rebottling old lessons for current times.  Why should these publications be useful only once, when they have lots of life ahead.  There is lots  very juicy, valuable, sexy, useful, and money-making wisdom packed in these Articles.  Check them out.

Here’s what we mean by our four audiences.

  • “Grantmakers” includes institutional philanthropy – foundations of all kinds, whether private or community.
  • “Nonprofits” includes the full gamut of 501 organizations – not just c3 but other chapters of IRS Code that have charitable missions.
  • Activists includes not just rabble-rousers and donor-advisors, but anyone wanting to support a cause with one’s time, talent, or treasure.
  • Evaluators includes those in the business, habit, or practice of making judgments about the effectiveness of nonprofit, philanthropic, community-building, social justice, and human betterment activity.

Now please keep in mind this is an emerging, growing website.  You’re encouraged to send comments and opportunities for upgrading to Contact Us.

We hope you take a look.  Here’s the Home page.  From here you can get to Articles, Blogs, and Teaching points.