Nonprofit program benefits

Nonprofit Management

Design your nonprofit programs to achieve their intended effects, and to make the kind of progress suggested in your organization’s mission statement.  Some useful titles: Building Organizational Capacity: A Simple Useful Framework Results of an […]


Program Evaluation

Create interesting and usable evaluation designs that produce interesting and usable answers that can strengthen the organization, advance its mission, and gain support. Useful titles include: Wanted: Better Evaluation Practices for a Better Philanthropy How […]


Community Development

Support communities and their people to develop their potential, overcome barriers, leverage their assets, and create a more just and equitable world.   Some useful titles: The Assets Model of Community Development Neighborhood Self-Help: Some Lessons […]


Effective Philanthropy

Use your assets to support your causes, move them along, make them stronger, move the needle, and achieve the results they want to make. Some useful titles:  Building Community Capacity: The Potential of Community Foundations […]

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Steve's Book


Why this book I began this project by asking the Google, “How can I change the world and make a million bucks by selling e-books.” The Google told me, “What sells is Sex, Love, Power, […]