Urgency and Opportunity

Highway markers, we’ve discovered, make great reading. Posted by state and regional historical societies all along State, US, and Federal highways, they provide lessons and insight into what happened right there, where you’re standing, in […]


Drive-by Evaluation

Returning from a month-long road trip to Los Angeles and back, putting 6100 miles onto our homey little Vistabule teardrop trailer, traveling mostly the blue highways of the West and staying mostly in county or […]


The “Good particle”

Now that physicists have confirmed the discovery of the Higgs bosun (the sub-atomic “God particle”), the world can turn its attention to pursuit of Mayer’s bosun, the elementary particle that defines Social Benefit resulting from […]


What is “advocacy”?

“Advocacy” is from Latin, meaning to give voice to a cause that it might progress and succeed. The practice of advocacy has recently gained legitimacy and momentum as a strategy for promoting social change.  Wikipedia […]