Community Development

Philanthropy and system change
Let's do this!

Support communities and their people to develop their potential, overcome barriers, leverage their assets, and create a more just and equitable world.  

Some useful titles:

The Assets Model of Community Development

Neighborhood Self-Help: Some Lessons Learned

Tools for Moving Philanthropy

A Model For Community-Based Youth Leadership Development

After the Flood: Some “Out of the Box” Options for Foundations

Education Works When Justice and Economics Work

A Dignity Gap

A Statement of Values, Accomplishments, and Intentions of the Twin Cities Neighborhood Movement

Pathways to Progress: Focusing Philanthropy on Racial Equity and Social Justice

A Pointed Attack On Inequity

Philanthropy Can Help With Racial Equity and Social Justice

Social Injustice?

The Confluence of “Philanthropy, Justice, and Evaluation”

Relationships as Infrastructure in Southern African American Communities