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How To Save The World

Evaluating Your Choices

When to say Yes to requests to Donate Now

Recognizing that impactful change sometimes begins with the work of one person, Dr. Mayer has now created a blueprint for individual donors who want to make a difference but want to know more about evaluating their options. It will also be relevant for those staffing and leading institutional foundations and nonprofits.

Nominated for the Eric Hoffer Book Award, in the digital non-fictional category!

"Mayer’s book is a concentrated burst of pragmatic, inspiring optimism in the face of what can feel like numbing institutional indifference; readers wanting to help save the world will feel realistically encouraged. - A readable collection of practical, boots-on-the-ground strategies for aiding nonprofit organizations."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Steven Mayer has written a timely, simple, and easy to follow book on how to combine the heart and the mind when it comes to charitable giving as a nonprofit donor, volunteer or champion. It is a must read for anyone and any organization or network that is concerned about recent events affecting our communities, our nation and our world. In concise, well-organized and digestible prose, he covers all the basics of formulating, actualizing and evaluating the best ways to give back by individuals, organizations and communities of people who want to improve our quality of life. It is essential reading for our time, and for all time."

Henry A. J. Ramos / Author, Democracy & the Next American Economy: Where Prosperity Meets Justice

"Excellent guide on how to save the world. I admire the clear use of language and well explained tactics on how to make good and useful choices for supporting the charitable organisations that may make a difference. Well done Dr. Mayer in becoming a world saver against your father’s advice."

- Jane Lake Birt, London, England

“Can one person really save the world? Well maybe not alone, but once again Steven Mayer shows us that we are all part of a larger community, and our collective actions can and DO make a difference. A great read for any donor who wants to leave the world a better place.”

- Steve Joul, President and CEO,

"How To Save The World spotlights how to help the millions of desperate people in the world. Two decades ago, I co-authored a book with the subtitle How the World Is Changed. The world is changed in part by people directing their resources where those in need can be helped. This book tells you how to do that strategically, effectively, and personally. If everyone followed the guidance here, the lives of millions could be improved."

- Michael Quinn Patton, Founder and Director, Utilization-Focused Evaluation

"Finally, a recipe with realistic ingredients that will help non-profits such as mine acquire for real guidance. Based upon years of experience and understanding of philanthropic culture, Steven Mayer has unselfishly made it plain and simple for us to follow. Onward!"

- Rose McGee, President and Founder of Sweet Potato Comfort Pie: a catalyst for caring and building community