Program Evaluation

Create interesting and usable evaluation designs that produce interesting and usable answers that can strengthen the organization, advance its mission, and gain support.

Useful titles include:

Wanted: Better Evaluation Practices for a Better Philanthropy

How To Show Off Your Wicked Strong Sexy And Incredibly Effective Nonprofit

The Corrupting Power of Numbers

Guidelines for Effective Adult Literacy Programs

Op-Ed: Philanthropy Must Address Structural Inequities

Rural Public Radio – Who Says “Quality” Can’t Be Evaluated?

Indicators of Freedom From The Film, “12 Years a Slave”

Drive-by Evaluation

Walking the Talk

Evaluating “Occupy Wall Street”

Can Grantmakers and Nonprofits Work Together?

Even Simple Measures Have Problems…

A Stakeholders Union for Philanthropic and Nonprofit Services

A Consumers Union for Philanthropy