Successful Neighborhood Self-Help: Some Lessons Learned

Looking down on the back bay neighborhood in Boston

In this pioneering publication, sponsored by The Minneapolis Foundation, the authors lay out essential elements of success in organizing neighborhood development.

For Activists: This article lifts up 1) successful strategies for involving neighborhood residents in the work of neighborhood self-help, and 2) principles of organizing and governing the work.

For Nonprofits: While not all community organizing is done by nonprofit organizations, this article can greatly help the governance and steering of community-based neighborhood self-help organizations.

For Grantmakers: This publication greatly helped inform the neighborhood revitalization work sponsored by the City of Minneapolis, and also the long-running program of support for community foundations to engage with low-income neighborhoods sponsored by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

For Evaluators: This publication was one of the first “lessons learned” styles of evaluation products. And while the lessons date to the early ‘80s, I’d be surprised if any of them are outdated.

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Originally appeared: Publication of Rainbow Research, Inc.

Number of pages: 34

Original date: March 1985

Author: Steven E. Mayer and Steve Gray

Rainbow Research, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN