Program Evaluation

Useful program evaluation

On this site you’ll see how useful program evaluation can connect with effective philanthropy, social justice, nonprofit management, and community development.  Useful program evaluation is illustrated with each of these titles:

Wanted: Better Evaluation Practices for a Better Philanthropy

How To Show Off Your Wicked Strong Sexy And Incredibly Effective Nonprofit

The Corrupting Power of Numbers

Guidelines for Effective Adult Literacy Programs

Op-Ed: Philanthropy Must Address Structural Inequities

Rural Public Radio – Who Says “Quality” Can’t Be Evaluated?

Indicators of Freedom From The Film, “12 Years a Slave”

Drive-by Evaluation

Walking the Talk

Evaluating “Occupy Wall Street”

Can Grantmakers and Nonprofits Work Together?

Even Simple Measures Have Problems…

A Stakeholders Union for Philanthropic and Nonprofit Services

A Consumers Union for Philanthropy


Good program evaluation can help strengthen your nonprofit organization, advance its mission, and gain support.